HRA is based on the belief that our customers' needs are of the utmost importance. Our entire team is committed to meeting those business needs and solving business problems.

Our clients are pleased with HRA since we are cost effective and add productivity and satisfaction to our work. If your interested in the principles of Better, Faster, and Cheaper while also creating a sustained competitive advantage,
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HRA can Increase your ROI in Human Capital by:
  • Improving the performance of the HR function as well as the productivity and contributions of your entire staff
  • Reducing overtime expenses
  • Incorporating tax credits for new hires
  • Lowering turnover
  • Retaining high performing employees
  • Promoting self directed teams and work cells that foster productivity gains
  • Streamlining the organization structure
  • Utilizing metrics and balanced scorecard techniques
  • Creating Accident prevention plans to keep staff safe and workers' compensation costs down
  • Establishing creative approaches to reduce the cost of employee benefits while improving the level of employee satisfaction
  • Improving the quality hires
HRA can Manage Risk by:
  • Reducing the liability, time and distraction of employee litigation and government investigations
  • Lowering the cost of Workers Compensation expenses
  • Effectively implementing Safety and Accident Prevention Programs
  • Creating Policies, Procedures, and Personnel Handbooks that Prevent Problems
  • Adopting Employment Practices Liability (EPL)Insurance Coverage
  • Developing professionally trained managers who are alert and proactive
  • Successfully addressing sensitive employee relations issues and personnel problems
HRA can Manage Human Resource functions by:
  • Suggesting process improvements and automated technology to streamline the work
  • Transitioning third party arrangements to a collaborative team of vendor partnerships
  • Reducing operating costs
  • Outsourcing the non critical and non-core HR activities
  • Establishing metrics, performance targets and a Balance Scorecard for HR functions
HRA can Enhance Organizational Performance by:
  • Identifying Key Performance indicators and assume accountability for improvement
  • Helping to align the tasks and focus of both teams and individuals to accomplish the key goals and objectives of the organization.
  • Instituting a Pay-for-Performance compensation model

HRA can solve business problems and free the management staff from dealing with personnel matters, thereby allowing the executive team to focus on operating and growing the business. Depending upon you needs, HRA can contribute to the success of a project, provide an ongoing service, or act as your HR department. Our approach is to build long standing partnerships with our clients by offering a complete set of alternative solutions, outstanding support, quantifiable results, and excellent customer satisfaction. If your firm is looking for help or grappling with people related issues and challenges, we invite you to meet with us to explore a successful partnership. Contact us by:

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